Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk

Internet marketers, or those who make money by marketing their websites and products on the web, often need high volumes of simple tasks to be performed. Because they're busy spending their time on strategic concerns, customer service, programming, and other higher levee tasks, they don't have time to do this simple but high volume work. Amazon Mechanical Turk was created by Amazon to provide a way for internet marketers to list these bulk tasks so people like you can do them for money.

It allows you to work from home picking only the tasks you'd like to work on, and then get paid instantly for doing them. These "tasks" are usually relatively boring and tend not to pay much per task, but can add up pretty quickly. Typical tasks, called "hits" by Mechanical Turk, often involve things like finding business phone numbers or contact information, answering a few questions, filling in data in spreadsheets, tagging photos, etc. Most only pay a few cents per hit, but you can find a fair amount near $1 or more per hit. Because hits can be finished so quickly, you can easily make $20/hr or so in your free time.

Additional Tips

Amazon Mechanical Turk Tip

Don't just pick anything to work on. To make the maximum amount of money, change the "sort by" option at the top of the screen (see image at right) to "Reward Amount (most first)". This will sort the tasks with the highest dollar amounts first. If you speak a foreign language for example, you'll find that many foreign language surveys and translation jobs pay pretty well. As I write this, there's a 15 minute survey in Japanese that's paying $5 for example.

Although you can make money with Mechanical Turk, and there are ALWAYS jobs you can do, you'll probably find you can make more by writing articles and doing usability tests. Keep in mind that with work that requires no skill at all, such as searching for and inputting phone numbers into an Excel file, you'll be competing with people who may need far less money to live on than you do. To make as much money as you possibly can on the web, you'll want to do things that take maximum advantage of your skills. So if you're a good writer, writing articles, pages, or post will likely be much better than something like Mechanical Turk.